Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Abiding at the Table of Jesus - Week 4


We are what we eat. When we eat healthy foods, we tend to be healthy. When we eat a lot of junk food, we tend to gain weight, have less energy, have poor concentration, and are prone to other harmful health related issues.

When we eat Jesus' body and drink his cup at the table, something wonderful happens: Jesus' loves abides in us and we abide in his love.

Love in the Bible is less an emotion and more an act of the will for the good of others. When Jesus abides in us, we act in Jesus' love.

At this time of the year we want to ask, "What can we give for the good of the church and the people and the world it serves?"

From Bread & Wine to Faith & Giving
A Journey into the Spiritual Discipline of Generosity
Around the Table of Jesus
Stewardship Sundays: October 19-November 2
Commitment Sunday & Meal: November 2