Wednesday, October 15, 2014

From Bread & Wine to Faith & Giving - Week 3

Luke tells us that Jesus “was made known in the breaking of the bread.” It happened long ago. It happens now. At the table, we become conscious of Jesus’ living presence.
And after they recognized him? He sent the Spirit so the believers shared “all things in common” so that “there was not a needy person among them.”
The poor were anxious about survival. The wealthy were anxious about whether they had enough. The same sharing was a means of grace relieving the anxiety of both.
We do not have to take the giant step of “all things in common” to take the significant step of sharing resources so that all are secure.
When Jesus’ living presence shapes the church, there is provision for all, even, especially when we take a risk for him.

From Bread & Wine to Faith & Giving
A Journey into the Spiritual Discipline of Generosity
Around the Table of Jesus
Stewardship Sundays: October 19-November 2
Commitment Sunday & Meal: November 2