Monday, September 29, 2014

From Bread & Wine to Faith & Giving

This year our Stewardship emphasis will center on being at the table with Jesus. Each year we launch an emphasis that we carry throughout the year around which we as a church can gather and be inspired to consider our total life and what we are doing to help the good news of God in Jesus become a reality for us and others.

You might not expect an emphasis on faith and giving to begin with the story of Jesus and the disciples in the upper room eating the last supper. But what took place at the table in the upper room is at the heart of Christian life, with important implications for stewardship.

The giving of the loaf and the cup represent God giving pure, unbounded love to the church and to the world. When we eat the bread and drink the cup, we not only embrace God’s love, we also make a commitment to live in love.

God gives to us. When we give, we represent God’s love to others. Will your gift to others through the church represent the depth and breadth of God’s love?
From Bread & Wine to Faith & Giving
A Journey into the Spiritual Discipline of Generosity
Around the Table of Jesus
Stewardship Sundays: October 19-November 2
Commitment Sunday & Meal: November 2