Friday, November 2, 2012

Week of Prayer

Sunday, I invited our whole congregation to a spiritual practice that is a modified version of the Daily Hours.  We suggested that people set an alarm on their phones or watches to go off three times through you day this week.  When the alarm sounds, you are reminded to stop what you are doing, whatever it is, and get present to God.  And to ask God simply as you grow still:  What do you want me to know or see?

We also invited you to share thoughts, stirrings, insights and experiences with others by writing a comment on a simple sheet of butcher paper we placed on the wall in our fellowship hall.  Already, people are beginning to post insights and experiences on the Wall of Prayer. 

Why did we do this?  We wanted people to experience marking time, stewarding time differently, and hopefully more faithfully.  Please share what you are getting!  For those of you who were not here on Sunday, consider trying this spiritual practice on for the weekend.