Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stewardship - Part 2

The gift of time is just that – a gift. None of us know exactly how much time we have been granted on this earth. In the time that we have, we are asked to use that time effectively by continuing the mission of Jesus Christ throughout our days. Each day has 24 hours and consists of time at work, time at rest and time with family and friends. We sleep about 8 hours a day on average, work about 8 hours and therefore have 8 hours for “other things." At rest, we sleep or at least try, so that we may regain strength for our next day. Sleep is essential in considering the body as a temple. In addition to sleep, doing what we can to keep our bodies healthy and strong helps us lead productive lives on behalf of God. At work, our professions should help develop a better world – in some way – while how we work should better us personally in many ways. Your interaction with colleagues, customers, employees, employers and others should be conducted in the spirit of the second of God’s great commandments “love your neighbor as we love ourselves.” This includes the often stressful drive to and from work! Our last eight hours of the day are filled with so much at home or with friends and neighbors. Family responsibility is so important and a major part of that is faith formation. Both at church and at home, we are responsible for handing on the faith to future generations. How we interact with people in front of children teaches valuable lessons on how to live. Our participation in worship and in ministries prepares a roadmap for ourselves and those with whom we have influence on how to lead a Christ-centered life.

Ask yourself a question:  What if my life (as it currently exists) and God's mission were one integrated whole?  Suddenly, all the compartments gather into one life lived well fulfilling the mission of God as we see it in Jesus.

Time is fleeting. Make the most of yours by using all of your gifts to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.