Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Holy Interruption

Just a few moments ago, Clemente, a young man who has grown up in our church stopped by. He came by the church today - as he often does - to play his many instruments in the sanctuary, especially the music of Bach. He stood at the door of my office just beaming, his smile literally radiating a Spirit joy.

He said he came early to pray in the chapel for about 30-40 minutes. When he played his music in the sanctuary he said is was this powerful experience where eveything I had worked on just came together and God was just present. He said, "I love playing but it doesn't often feel like that! But when it does, it feels good, man, it feels real good!"

He also shared with me that he spent a marvelous Father's Day with his dad. They had a chance to talk about what was important and real in their lives. He said, "I sure do love my dad." He was able to hear back from his dad, "I sure have a fine son." There's nothing like a father's blessing, is there?

Clemente arrived in the midst of me "trying to get some things done." I realize now that his interruption was God sent, a holy one. As he was leaving I told Clemente, "You know, I think I needed that today, my friend." And he simply said, after a little pause, "Well...enjoy!"

Thanks Clemente, for the interruption, the holy one!