Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Creating a Community of Friendship

FCC began its second year hosting Kidventure, a summer camping program that provides care for children in the Houston area when school is out. Our first year was a year of intense preparation, laying out how the relationship will function, considering needs of both Kidventure, the church and FC Preschool, working out schedules. Our goal was to create an open and honest relationship that would bring a new group using our facility into a sense of friendship and family with us. Our hope was to build a sense of loving community with a partner in ministry.

Yesterday, Mike McDonell, president of Kidventure, stopped by as he did last year to make sure things are going well and that KV was being a good partner. Some of our staff (Jenni and Laura) and I we chatting in the office wing when Mike showed up. We had a light conversation, playfully ribbing Mike about KV's poor behavior and lack of respect.

As the laughing died down and we sat in the space of joy, Mike said, "In all seriousness. We run different KV camps in lots of locations. We feel like tenants in some places, but in a few we feel like family. Here, you all make us feel like family. We really appreciate that."

It's nice to get that feedback, and nice also to know that we accomplished our goal! Glad to have KV with us again, and look forward to more years ahead!