Thursday, August 21, 2014

Are We a Transforming Congregation?

Our congregation has taken transformation seriously over the last 6, being intentional about leading a process well. Below is a list of indicators to determine whether a congregation is a transforming congregation. I know I'm biased, but I would give us, First Christian Church, higher than average marks.
  1. It is intentionally trying to be transformed.
  2. It is involved in a continuing, ongoing process.
  3. It is moving to a new place in ministry, leaving behind its traditions, worn out programs, and sacred cows to become what God is calling it to be in that new place.
  4. It is a church that is rediscovering and/or focusing upon the spiritual disciplines.
  5. The pastor’s are intentionally involved in personal transformation.
  6. The congregation recognizes and acknowledges its need for transformation.
  7. It is a church that is actively and intentionally doing what Christians do.
  8. It is a church that is reaching out to people, communities, etc., that it has not reached out to before.
  9. It is a church “daring hospitality.”
  10. It is a church “doing something it hasn’t done before in a way that it hasn’t done before.”
  11. It is a church that sees beyond the three ‘B’s” – budgets, buildings and butts in the pews. 
  12. The church has a vision of it being more than it is today.
  13. It is a church that is focused upon utilizing spiritual gifts.
List supplied by Disciples Home Mission