Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Comments and Prayer for Houston City Council

My Opening Remarks
I want to express my appreciation to Council Member Bradford for inviting me to be here. We met for the first time a few months ago while dining at the same restaurant. He graciously allowed me to interrupt him and his party and introduce myself. I expressed to him what I had become aware of at the moment, which was a profound gratitude for his service to the people of Houston, a people who come with an overwhelming amount of needs and desires.
This invitation from Council Member Bradford gives me the opportunity to express the same thing to the rest of the members of City Council, a profound sense of gratitude to you for your work on behalf of the city. That is what I am very aware of in this moment with you today.

And so, genuinely, thank you for the work you do; and may you receive the wisdom to do that work well.

My Prayer

I invite all who desire to join me in prayer at this time:

Most Gracious God,

May Hope be the by-product of the work and conversation that happens here today.

May practical solutions that benefit the most people also be the result. While at the same time give eyes to see and wisdom to discern rightly amid the many considerations that are always a part of the process.

We ask for a leadership who, as this city grows in such wonderful and beautiful ways, is mindful of those considered the least among us, and those who cannot or do not know how to advocate for themselves.

We ask for a community made up of people who, while advocating for their local needs and welfare, also keep in mind the big picture.

We ask, lastly, for each person an increasing capacity for integrity - to be people who when we give our word, keep it; and when we fail to keep it - which is inevitable for us all - become more and more adept at honoring our word and cleaning up the messes that we make as a result.

May you bless these Council Members. May you bless our city. And may you bless our nation that we may be a blessing to the world and to the worlds in which we live.