Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are You Cool? Do You Care?

When a pastor uses the word "disciplines", many of us inhale slowly and deeply and then exhale in a forceful rush of exacerbated air.  I get it.  Believe me, I do.  Since becoming a Christian in 1982, my life could be described as a long series of failed attempts where it comes to practicing the spiritual disciplines.

But, the truth be told, our congregation has set a vision of the future for our community to be a people who are engaging spiritual practices that matter and that breath spiritual oxygen into our faith.  To practice the reflective life rigorously and regularly.  I am currently in the middle of sermon series called Staying Grounded:  Restoring the Ancient Practices.  I've shared about Prayer and Fasting.  Coming up are messages on Time and Rest.

As Lent draws near, I want to draw your attention to the spiritual practice of Christian Service.

"Cool People Care" will be a Lenten experience where you will have the opportunity to participate in work projects that serve the underprivileged and homeless.  

For six Saturdays, February 16 - March 23 you can choose from six different work projects: Houston Food Bank, Christian Community Service Center, Star of Hope, Covenant House and more.  We will prepare food trays that will help Houston Food Bank serve meals to 50 million people in the Houston area THIS YEAR.  At the Star of Hope Mission, we will also help to prepare and serve lunch that will help them feed 1,100 homeless men, women and children each night.  The Covenant House, which provides emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and transitional housing for homeless, runaways and at-risk youth under the age of 21 years old, has asked for help in washing there transport vans, to collect and bring toiletries, and to do some other odd jobs that are needed.  Christian Community Service Center is in need of help in their Emergency services, passing out clothes, canned food and being a welcome and encouraging voice to families on the margins economically.

Stop by the registration tables Sunday to find out more!  And then look for a flood of information that will follow next week that will explain how to sign up online.

Certainly all of us can say that we are cool people, right?  Become a cool person who cares!