Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Page from Vitaljournal - Psalm 130

Psalm 130 is one that I always remember is important, but one that I never can remember why is important.  Reading it again, I am reminded of verse 3-4

"If God truly knows who I am and what I've done, there's no way I or anyone else can remain.  And so, thank goodness that as much or more as God knowing who I truly am and what I have really done, God is also forgiving." (Psalm 130 - my translation).  

The writer says, and I should imulate, we wait and we trust in God's word.  What does it mean to trust in God's word? 

I take it to mean that God's word, that all God "says" is surely "to be."  In the Faithwalking community of which I am a part we talk about integrity.  Integrity is about keeping and honoring our word.  I think I project my own inability to keep and honor my word, my own lack of integrity onto God in whom there is only integrity. 

N.T. Wright says,

No matter how deep we have sunk, no matter what sorrows or tragedies we may encounter, the Psalms have been there before us. Not only do they encourage us to believe that we have not, after all, fallen off the map. They give us words so that, when our own words fail to do justice to our misery, they will do instead.

My prayer in this moment is not only that I would keep and honor my word, but that I would deeply trust in God's.  Click on the link, if you want to connect to the Facebook Vitaljournal community.