Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving Forward on Strengths

In late 2008, FCC Houston deeply committed to developing people who are committed to personal transformation. Believing that personal transformation leads to transforming the church and ultimately the world, we wanted to become intentional about engaging the transformation process deliberately and ongoing.

FCC just took a huge leap forward this summer by committing to our first Ministry by Strengths course. I want to acknowledge our elders and deacons who have stepped forward to take this 8 week course, beginning this week. They are providing a great example of servant leadership for us all.

Let me try to describe the course.

First of all, MBS identifiies your top five strengths out of a list of 34 provided by the reputable research done by the Gallup corporation. The self-discovery alone helps pinpoint the kinds of activities where one most likely will thrive.

But secondly, it is important to know that the course itself is really the beginning of a life-long journey of learning and discovery. At the heart of the time together is to get clear about your God-calling. For Disciples of Christ that is perhaps not "familiar" terminolgy. We have been very much a reason-oriented people. But MBS really takes the best of both worlds by combining the knowledge of researchers with a listening ear for the Holy Spirit. It is a combination of head and heart, mind and Spirit in the context of community to gain a better sense of your unique God-given talents.

Lastly, let me say the MBS course is about deploying people into joyful service to expand God's kingdom. So much of our approach to self-improvement is about shoring up the areas of our life that are lacking. If we get five As and a D on a report card, what do we focus on? The self-help world is full of books about how to improve this or that asppect of your life. It's appproach is remedial. MBS is about acknowledging your strengths and entering into joyful service that builds on those strengths, engaging things YOU consider life-giving! Wouldn't THAT be nice! Imagine the impact not only on God's kingdom, but the impact in your relationships as well as your professional career.

This week we are taking a huge leap forward toward our vision of realizing people who are experiencing personal transformation and gaining the tools to keep that going in their lives.