Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Spanish Language Parenting Class

Someone once said that God's mission statement is found in Revelation 21:5: I am making everything new!

First Christian is excited to announce that we have started a new spanish language parenting class initiated and led by Rev Omar and Dora Rios. Both Omar and Dora have been very involved at FCC for years and have had this dream of starting such a group a the church. With the help of Donata and Esthela Guajardo, they have gathered a group of about 15-20 couples. The class is a series of lessons on biblically based parenting techniques.

One of the exciting aspects of the class is the real help it may offer some couples who have had no prior involvement in a church. Frankly speaking, some are attending because they have to. This is a real opportunity for FCC to have an impact in people's lives not only from a parenting aspect, but from the aspect of sharing with them the good news of Jesus.

Already, there has been some tremendous results. Our Faith Factory children's ministry and youth ministry have both seen an increased number of children and youth attending. Think of the impact we will have on even more lives in ever new ways. Also, we have had to open up one of the moveable walls to make two classrooms into one. And our existing FCC members are also learning to connect with others when there is a language and cultural barrier. God has provided us with the possibility to expand and grow deeply and significantly.

In so many ways we are being changed. And I cannot help but see that the Holy Spirit is at work in it all.

Omar and Dora, and Donato and Esthela, are living examples that God's mission statement is being fulfilled in our midst. Please offer your prayers for them, the members of the class, and extend warm hospitality that includes new people into our family.