Friday, March 25, 2011

Devotional Reading 3

This is the third week of the Lenten journey "in the desert with Jesus." Each week many of you have been keeping up with reading a different Gospel account of the last week of Jesus' life. This has been for centuries a common spiritual practice as a way to lead up and prepare one's heart spiritually to receive the gift of Easter.

This week we are reading Luke 19:28 - 24:53 (six chapters).

Pass this along to someone else. And share what God is helping you to see.

A page from my journal this week:
Exactly at the moment that Jesus dies on the cross a centurion, leader of the forces that actually carried out the crucifixion, exclaims, "Truly this man was God's son." He is the first human in Mark's Gospel to call Jesus God's Son. That's huge in part because not even Jesus' own followers speak of him this way in the story. It's also huge because it comes on the lips of a centurion. According the imperial theology only the emperor was considered God's son. Not only that but they consider the emperor a Savior, the only one able to bring peace on earth. Yet, here in this statement made by this centurion is a representative of Rome that says Jesus is Son of God - therefore the emperor is not! In what ways do I live and react that puts other powers more powerful than Jesus, God's son? ~mtd.