Friday, May 28, 2010

A Partnership with Kidventure!

Beginning Tuesday, June 1, FCC is excited to see that Kidventure will be utilizing our building to run their camping program for the next 10 weeks, throughout the entire summer. Kidventure has a tremendous track record of professionalism where it comes to relating to kids and families. They are well-known in the community and have worked hard to gain people’s confidence through care and hard work.

What a perfect match! FCC’s vision is about bringing people into vital relationship with Jesus Christ and one of the key points in our vision is ministry to the entire spectrum of the family. With Kidventure present in our building, this brings before us another chance to reach children and families. Their presence and activity gives us a chance to serve and touch the lives of people we otherwise would not know.

We are all tremendously excited. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be some adjustments and chaos for a number of our existing ministries. Ministry is always a little messy, chaotic and sacrificial whenever there is intentional effort to expand and reach out. I’m grateful for a church body that is open and willing to embrace people where they are.