Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Got a riddle for ya!

What is dressed casually, arm and arm with a friend new to FCC, feeling the Spirit's movement and passion, present this Sunday for worship...and red all over?


...This coming Sunday, at the Pentecost Celebration Worship and Community Meal! (we were calling it a picnic, but you thought that was "hokie", not like this riddle, which is not hokie at all)

Remember to bring a side dish and a friend to introduce to FCC, dress in picnic attire, and be prepared to celebrate and have some fun! We'll be celebrating some stories about our Acts 2 Vision. We'll be acknowleging the children and youth in our Faith Factory and Xtreme Disciples programs. And lastly, holding a carwash in the parking lot that will help raise funds for our Xtreme Youth.